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Welcome to Darke County, Ohio

Darke County, Ohio

Please feel free to browse and come back often.
New items are always being added.

Hi, I'm Melanie, and I am your webmaster for the Ohio History
Network's Darke County Page. Please come in and browse,
hopefully you'll find what you've been looking for.

It was brought to my attention months ago that I should have
my photo posted on this page so that everyone who comes here
will know who I am. I apologize that it has taken so long,
family obligations have kept me from my genealogy. But alas,
here I am! This is the most recent photo I have. It was taken
on my birthday, December 21st, 2001, at work, during our Christmas
party/my birthday party. I have finally done it, Wayne!

Darke County was formed in 1809, and was named
after the Revolutionary War Hero General William
Darke. General Darke fought many battles against
Native Americans in an effort to gain control of
the land for the people who had come so far for

My purpose here is to provide you with as much
information as possible to help you in your
research. If you have information you would like
to share, especially if it will help someone else
researching the same surname, please forward it to me and
I will be happy to add it to my site. Your information
could be the hammer for somebody else's brick wall.

I cannot promise help with look-ups as I live in Indianapolis.
I only get to Darke County on occasion and often I am not
afforded the luxury of research time. I will, however, take your
request, and if on my next trip I have time, I will try to
find you an answer. If I cannot provide you with the help you
need, then I will make an attempt to forward your request to
someone who may be able to help you.

There are a few ways in which you may contact me.

For those with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, click
on the mailbox below and type your message.

If you do not have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
setup, you may email me at one of the following addresses:

or melanie_46240@yahoo.com.

Darke County Links

The link below will take you to a very special page.
This page was not created by me at all. This page was
created by folks who, just like you, are searching for
their Darke County ancestors. Click on the link, maybe
you'll find one of your Darke County surnames in the
pages listed. Good luck!!

Darke County Genealogies

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personal homepages!

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you just might get a new idea for finding that brick wall you've been banging your
head against.

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