Genealogy Links

If you have come here seeking your Darke County roots,
then you have come to the right place. This page is dedicated
to all the genealogy websites on the internet. Every site on
this page is related to genealogy, and most are specific to
Darke County. Please browse the web links thoroughly, you never
know where an ancestor may be hiding.

Your first stop should definitely be the "Darke County
Genealogical Society Homepage". If you are not a member, you
can sign up here. There are other services also, please visit them.

For your convenience, the Darke County specific web links will
be listed first. I can't think of a better one to start you
off with than Jane Ellen Torres' "Darke County Ohio Genealogical
Researchers Home Page". Jane and other researchers have
devoted an enormous amount of time and effort in creating
this website. Many thanks to you Jane!

To visit Jane's site simply click on the button below.

Another great place for Darke County researchers is Wally Garchow's
"Darke County Genealogy Fair" site. Wally has lots of useful
information, including local Darke County addresses as well as
database links, maps, etc.

To browse Wally's site just click on the button!

This is the newest submission to date. Submitted by the DCOweb staff on February
17, 2002, this page is the premier entry site for Darke Co., Ohio, Genealogy &
History. It includes Links to maps, census & marriage files, message boards,
photos, wills, DCO List members' ancestry, and other information.

Rootsweb is a great place to find ancestors. You can post messages here, and
also check out the message board, maybe a relative you didn't know is also
researching part of your ancestry.

To make it even easier, here is the Darke County Rootsweb Page, it'll
take you right to their Darke County page.

Have you tried looking in other counties? The one thing that surprised me
the most was finding how much these people moved around. And they did move
around. Try the Fayette County Page from Rootsweb, hosted by a long time

The counties which surround Darke include: Mercer, Auglaize,
Shelby, Miami, Montgomery and Preble. Almost all of my ancestors were
living in one or the other of these counties at one time.

The Bureau of Land Management is a good place to look for ancestors.

Cyndislist is one of my favorite sites. This is the very first site I ever
visited, and I've gone back again and again. This is a great reference and
learning site.

Cyndi's List Cyndi's List - Search It!
Enter a keyword: surname, place name, type
of record, etc., then click the Find button:

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Click here to visit Cyndislist

The Genealogy Homepage

This site has two pages of nothing but search engines. Search to your
heart's delight!

Vitalchek is a great way to order birth and death records online.

Visit OurTimeLines, it's a really cool site where you can enter a person's
name, and you will see what events took place in their lifetime.

Planning a trip to Darke County? Chris Blumenstock has put
together a nice web guide. Here, you can get information
on businesses and events of Darke county and a host of other
information. This site is great if you are planning a trip
to Darke County but aren't familiar with what's there.
Visit Chris before visiting Darke County.

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